Decorative Floors

If you want a floor whether it’s in your own garage or in a retail hairdresser shop, you have no better option than to choose the most durable finish in the world. For chemical resistance as well as hygiene, dollar for dollar epoxy is competitive against all flooring finishes ( including installation ) . Let [...]

Remedial Waterproofing

The team at Wetstop have completed numerous rectication jobs with a 100% success rate. Residential and commercial basements often experience leakage due to residential contractors not taking necessary precautions in the original construction to protect the interior areas. For remedial treatments, if the interior side is accessible ( including removing of panelling or plasterboard ) [...]

Swimming Pools & Ponds

Wetstop will customize a solution to meet customer requirements. The products we use will not delaminate or blister and permanently bond to the substrate. The product selection will vary for eg: if fish will live in the pond as well as the method of installation.

Retaining Walls

The key to best practices is the right preparation which foremost include core filling the block walls then allowing for the proper curing times. Secondly filling all perps with a flexible sealant as well as addressing the footing which is a  critical weak spot. We utilise a two coat roller applied bitumen coal tar free [...]

Flat Concrete Roofs or Podiums

Each situation requires a different application depending on builder specification. Our suppliers will instruct on the most superior application to tackle even the harshest of UV conditions. Contact Westop and we’ll put a proposal forward to suit.

Planter Boxes

We install only  the highest quality membrane over the substrate so as to prevent unsightly efflorescence and water leaks. Proper curing times are adhered to then a layer of coreflute protection board is installed . Appropriate drainage  is also incorporated and observed during the backfill process.

Waterproofing Wet Areas

It is vital that the major wet area in the house be correctly and suitably waterproofed so as to prevent mould remediation as well as long term structural damage. The team at Wetstop Waterproofing adhere to the Australian Standard ( AS 3740-2006 ) and surpass the expectations of the Building Code of Australia ( BCA [...]